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(36) When Presumptions of Men Obscure the Truth of Scripture
(35) Same-Sex Marriage: Why Christians Need to Think Again
(34) Exodus Cancels Next ‘Love Won Out’ Conference Due to Lack of Interest
(33) Robert Spitzer Apologizes for His Ex-Gay Study
(32) Genesis 1: Turning the Creation Story into an Anti-Gay Treatise
(31) Dr. Robert Spitzer Retracts 2001 Landmark Ex-Gay Study
(30) Genesis 19: What the Bible Really Says Were the Sins of Sodom
(29) The Top Regret of the Dying
(28) Is There A Christian Case For Same Sex Marriage?
(27) Christmas: A Jewish Holiday?
(26) Are The Biblical Texts Reliable?
(25) How Does That Make You Feel?
(24) Leviticus 18: What Was The Abomination?
(23) Is It the End of the Ex-Gay Movement As We Know It?
(22) Former Ex-Gay Program Director Says “I Never Met a Man Who Changed …”
(21) Evangelical Journal Says “Sexual Behavior Changes But Not Sexual Orientation”
(20) The Day of Atonement and the New Testament
(19) The Gay Debate and the Temperance Movement: Not-So-Strange Bedfellows?
(18) Romans 2: Paul’s Bait and Switch
(17) Romans 1: What Was Paul Ranting About?
(16) Exegesis: Not for the Faint in Heart
(15) How to Avoid Being Called a Homophobe
(14) Jewish Roots, Jewish Savior
(13) When Truth is Too Costly
(12) Letter to Carl Trueman
(11) A Good Life in the Closet?
(10) Why No One in the Biblical World Had a Word for Homosexuality
(09) Even on Religious Campuses, Students Fight for Gay Identity
(08) Broken Covenant to New Covenant
(07) Passover: Foreshadow of a Greater Deliverance
(06) I Preached Against Homosexuality, But I Was Wrong
(05) The Bible: A Dramatic Unfolding Story
(04) God Made in Man’s Image
(03) Looking for Loopholes
(02) Jewish AND Christian? Impossible! Or Is It?
(01) Gay Marriage Seems to Wane as Conservative Issue