Born to a Jewish family in New York City, Alex came to faith in Christ at age 29 after trying to disprove the Bible.  He found so much evidence in support of the claims of Jesus and the Bible that it required more faith to reject it than to believe it.   He is a graduate of Westminster Theological Seminary and a lecturer, teacher and blogger with a focus on the intersection of faith and LGBTQ identity.

Alex came out as gay as a teenager but was taught when he came to faith that he could not be both Christian and gay.  A former leader of a New York City based ex-gay ministry, he shifted his views after recognizing that when the few passages of Scripture generally appealed to in this debate are examined closely and in context, the traditional anti-gay position becomes exegetically unsupportable.  He learned that the ex-gay route is a scripturally unsound mirage, a specious illusion that deceitfully draws people not to a life-giving oasis but to a deeper and deeper spiritual desert. Seeing the immense need for education in this area, he began to speak and write about his experience and new-found convictions.

The evangelical community loved him when he joined the ex-gay movement. But they weren’t so happy when he went on a serious exegetical journey that led him to denounce one of their prized beliefs. Just as he was rejected by his Jewish community when he concluded Christ is the Jewish Messiah that the Hebrew prophets pointed to, he was rejected by the church for turning away from what he believed to be a teaching that didn’t hold up to scrutiny.

Alex’s Jewish heritage has profoundly shaped his understanding of the Gospel. In addition to helping other gay people integrate a theologically sound, committed Christian faith with their sexuality, he is also passionate about helping the Church better understand her rich Jewish roots, and helping other Jewish people understand Jesus as their Jewish Messiah. He also developed and teaches from a 13-week course on Old Testament messianic prophecies that were fulfilled at the first coming of Christ.

It is Alex’s hope that the reflections in this blog will prompt you to explore the paths they suggest, leading to your own more eloquent thinking, exploration and action.  If you like, feel free to visit the “Contact” page and let Alex know what you think.